Welcome to the new Woundcare Network Website! 


The Woundcare Network magazine is a regular publication for health practitioners involved in wound management. Each issue is designed to promote best practice in the diagnosis, treatment and management of wounds. Contributors to the magazine are sourced throughout Australia and abroad due to their expertise which is further supported by a nationally recognized editorial panel. 


We hope the magazine is:

·         Informative and educational

·         Encourages collaboration to improve patient outcomes

·         Provides handy tips on the treatment and management of wounds

·         Thought provoking  


Feel free to look at the summary of each issue to determine whether you would like to subscribe to all issues or just a few. Once you have decided, please login with your username and password or create a new account.  


We are always keen to hear from the public what future issues should contain. If you have any great suggestions 'contact us' to share your thoughts.